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I used to think that You stole my heart Or did I give it willingly I don’t seem to remember It would beat hard Thumping against my chest As if […]

Sharing A Wardrobe

Some days You would scrumple me up Like a lone sock In the bottom of the drawer Mornings Where you folded me Like a crisp clean shirt Its creases all […]

Fifty Pence Piece

I met a man today The creases of his face Made me feel young He sat in his baseball cap And said he didn’t want to take Too much of […]


There’s a pull I get At my centre When you say my name Uttered gently like it rolls off your tongue Without a second thought And you’ll never know How […]


Felt or crayon, bold bright patterns, A nice colour, you are pink Take a look No not me. Tear up that commanding rainbow, Let me be that shade of blue […]

I Guess We’re Saying Goodbye

That little balcony So close that our knees touched Shades of pink all around us In the sky and in your blush We sat there to fix the world But […]

One Liner #3

Writing let’s me meet all the people I’ve been wondering about.


A new year. Most people imagine a whole new reinvented version of themselves. Not me. I’m interested in furthering what I’ve already started. A clean slate isn’t what I’m looking […]

I Don’t Have Anything To Say

I’ve sat at my computer to type a few words only to delete them almost as quickly as they appeared. I’m suprised that these words have made it. The problem […]


Over the last three years, I’ve tried to ‘get fit’ – I had a burst of loving running for a month or so, 4km every day on the treadmill, I […]


Finally, as of Friday 7th July 2017, I am no longer pre-T. I cannot describe to you the relief I felt from finally, after over 2 years of battling through […]

Weighing Up My Options

Being on a waiting list for testosterone has made me think even more about the future, about what I want, surgery wise. I had a dream last night, the doctors […]

An Urge To Say Goodbye

Since being at university, living independently, trying to work hard, I haven’t had much time to post on here. In some ways, I’m glad, there was a point in my […]

Step 2 – Ok For Hormones

This is the moment I have been waiting for the last 18 months – the go ahead for my hormone treatment. For 7 months I waited for my appointment with […]

Outed At Work

The title to this blog post explains the obvious. Originally, I wasn’t going to write this post, because a few months ago something like this would have crushed me. But […]

A Splash Of Paint

While working numerous shifts at ASDA, I have come across a lot of students doing their university shop, all of which have expressed to me how stressed they are. This […]