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Tag: #thoughts

A Part

I drew many things as a child Giving my parents capes So they could fly But the only cape they wore Was one of shame They laid it at my […]

Sharing A Wardrobe

Some days You would scrumple me up Like a lone sock In the bottom of the drawer Mornings Where you folded me Like a crisp clean shirt Its creases all […]


Tell me why shadows bounce Off of the walls I see my shape but not My reflection I do not see myself But plain as day I see what you […]


I know you’ll never understand How this man hurts And how you crushed him in Many ways His belief | His meaning With this pen I try to figure out […]

Giving Someone Everything

I gave someone everything and they left me with nothing. At least I felt like I had nothing. I used all my bricks, stones, cement – everything that I had, […]

Fifty Pence Piece

I met a man today The creases of his face Made me feel young He sat in his baseball cap And said he didn’t want to take Too much of […]


There’s a pull I get At my centre When you say my name Uttered gently like it rolls off your tongue Without a second thought And you’ll never know How […]


When I was born you four Tall pillars were already built Constructed from love or fear I haven’t decided which And every day I saw the dust Quiver around you […]


When people think of a soulmate they probably call their mind back to the first time they watched The Notebook, or maybe a young love that they had when they were at […]

One Person Ready Meal

You load your items to buy But you are selling Selling yourself to me with every breath you take To mumble the words no one else will listen to I […]


Man. To have genitalia of the male species, as the Oxford dictionary, bold black on crisp white spits at me. Dick. Power, extended from the body to form the fear […]


Felt or crayon, bold bright patterns, A nice colour, you are pink Take a look No not me. Tear up that commanding rainbow, Let me be that shade of blue […]

I Guess We’re Saying Goodbye

That little balcony So close that our knees touched Shades of pink all around us In the sky and in your blush We sat there to fix the world But […]

One Liner #3

Writing let’s me meet all the people I’ve been wondering about.

One Liner #2

The person you are today could be better than the person you were yesterday.