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Tag: #romance

With You

I’d consider myself a poet But I don’t have words For how much I crave your skin pressing Onto mine I’m a gentle touch Yet you spin me I want […]


All I want to do Is roll around in her Feel her chest Rise and fall Breathing with me The change In her voice When she looks at me The […]

Late Nights With You

Hearing your breathing Steadies me Sometimes you’re far away I pull you back Closer than before You touch a part Of me that has never Been touched Parts of me […]


I can feel how Far away she is Picturing her laugh That brings me a smile Her hands scrambling For those misplaced keys If I let myself I can feel […]

Blue Eyed Girl

Those eyes catch me My breath hitches In my throat Blue eyed girl Just one look And her skin touches My skin Engulfs me Fingers graze Hers or mine I […]