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Tag: #relationships


I used to think that You stole my heart Or did I give it willingly I don’t seem to remember It would beat hard Thumping against my chest As if […]

A Part

I drew many things as a child Giving my parents capes So they could fly But the only cape they wore Was one of shame They laid it at my […]

Sharing A Wardrobe

Some days You would scrumple me up Like a lone sock In the bottom of the drawer Mornings Where you folded me Like a crisp clean shirt Its creases all […]


Tell me why shadows bounce Off of the walls I see my shape but not My reflection I do not see myself But plain as day I see what you […]

Giving Someone Everything

I gave someone everything and they left me with nothing. At least I felt like I had nothing. I used all my bricks, stones, cement – everything that I had, […]

I Guess We’re Saying Goodbye

That little balcony So close that our knees touched Shades of pink all around us In the sky and in your blush We sat there to fix the world But […]

Being His Son

I remember writing on this blog how I told my father that I was transgender, how scared I was to tell him, in fact, he was the hardest person to […]