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Tag: #love


I used to think that You stole my heart Or did I give it willingly I don’t seem to remember It would beat hard Thumping against my chest As if […]

Giving Someone Everything

I gave someone everything and they left me with nothing. At least I felt like I had nothing. I used all my bricks, stones, cement – everything that I had, […]


When I was born you four Tall pillars were already built Constructed from love or fear I haven’t decided which And every day I saw the dust Quiver around you […]


When people think of a soulmate they probably call their mind back to the first time they watched The Notebook, or maybe a young love that they had when they were at […]

I Guess We’re Saying Goodbye

That little balcony So close that our knees touched Shades of pink all around us In the sky and in your blush We sat there to fix the world But […]