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Category: General Life

That Dark Place

I want to write, to tell the world how I feel. My whole life I’ve had to keep secrets to the point where it just built up until I exploded. […]

The Beginning of The End

I haven’t written in some time, I know it’s only been a week or two but I used to write on my blog so much just to keep myself sane. Luckily enough […]

The Scenic Route

The last 2 days has been quite a rollarcoaster, I’ve spent the last few months of my life continuing my journey forward but these last few days have felt like steps […]

No Real Reason

I have no real reason to write at the moment, I just want to. Besides, Tamara is watching the most boring make-up tutorials/hauls ever and rather succumbing to that confusing madness, I’ve […]

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often overlooked, by many people. Some couples don’t really do anything on the day and single people usually avoid thinking about it. I think that’s because everyone’s […]


Do you ever feel so consumed by everything you can barely function? That’s my current state of mind. I tried hard to fight it, to ignore it. Strangely enough that’s […]

Talk About An Anticlimax

Today was supposed to be one of the greatest days of my life. I mean, the greatest days are things like; moving out, getting married and having a baby. Of […]

Ice Ice Baby

If any of you read my last post, you already know that I took my girlfriend ice-skating, as a surprise. It was a big deal to me, because although I […]