Outed At Work

The title to this blog post explains the obvious. Originally, I wasn’t going to write this post, because a few months ago something like this would have crushed me. But […]

A Splash Of Paint

While working numerous shifts at ASDA, I have come across a lot of students doing their university shop, all of which have expressed to me how stressed they are. This […]

The Blank Page I Need

It seems like a lifetime ago I was trying to calm down my nervous girlfriend as we headed off to collect our A Level results. Turns out there was nothing […]

Results Anticipation

In 49 minutes my life will change, or it will stay completely the same. A life changing moment that doesn’t happen too often in a lifetime, this is a big […]

A Step Forward

29th January 2016 – the date of my diagnosis. I haven’t had any medical progress in my transition for nearly 7 months, until I finally got a letter detailing my […]

Stuck On Pause

My transition has slowed to a pause, it feels like a waiting game that never seems to end. I approached my GP with a document stating she could prescribe testosterone […]

Am I Enough?

Dysphoria. An umbrella word that covers a lot of feelings. Anxiety, restlessness, anger, sadness. I experience this regularly, some days I deal with it better than others. I go through stages, […]

TransInspiration – Laverne Cox

“A trailblazer for the transgender community.” I first discovered Laverne Cox when I began binge watching the first season of Orange Is The New Black. She was the first transwoman […]

…Old Pictures

Since my transition I have avoided looking at pictures that are old, as in a few years prior, my teenage years. Looking at them is hard because it feels like […]

A Busy Week

This week has been one of the most crammed of my life, in fact today is the only day this week in which I can relax and place my mind […]


I’m excited because I get to write about some life experience, which I haven’t featured a lot on my blog due to it focusing on my transition. Due to having […]

TransInspiration – Ty Turner

  I have never spoke to Ty Turner, I will never probably talk to him, or see him in person. All I know is, this guy was a lifesaver when […]

It’s Been A While

I haven’t written in a while, and I regret it, not for those who read my blog because I know there are a thousand other bloggers out there that can […]

The Liebster Award!

Many thanks to Kai who nominated me for this award, I have to admit I had no idea what it was, but now that I’ve educated myself, I am very […]

TransInspiration – Michael Dillon

Born as Laura Dillon in 1916, England; little did future Michael realise the difficulty of discovering his true self.  To give a brief history lesson; Michael was born to a […]

It’s A Plan

If I had to choose just one word to describe how I feel right now that would be it. Worthless. Having no real value or use – at least that’s […]