There’s a pull I get At my centre When you say my name Uttered gently like it rolls off your tongue Without a second thought And you’ll never know How […]


When I was born you four Tall pillars were already built Constructed from love or fear I haven’t decided which And every day I saw the dust Quiver around you […]


When people think of a soulmate they probably call their mind back to the first time they watched The Notebook, or maybe a young love that they had when they were at […]

One Person Ready Meal

You load your items to buy But you are selling Selling yourself to me with every breath you take To mumble the words no one else will listen to I […]


Man. To have genitalia of the male species, as the Oxford dictionary, bold black on crisp white spits at me. Dick. Power, extended from the body to form the fear […]


Felt or crayon, bold bright patterns, A nice colour, you are pink Take a look No not me. Tear up that commanding rainbow, Let me be that shade of blue […]

I Guess We’re Saying Goodbye

That little balcony So close that our knees touched Shades of pink all around us In the sky and in your blush We sat there to fix the world But […]

Reviewz @ Kissing Jessica Stein

A romcom centred around a Jewish career woman set out to find the right man ends up instead finding the right woman – enough to attract my attention. However, another […]

One Liner #3

Writing let’s me meet all the people I’ve been wondering about.

One Liner #2

The person you are today could be better than the person you were yesterday.

Seeing Ghosts

Are ghosts real? I don’t know. But I’m sat up at 4:30am because I think they might exist. Granted I probably shouldn’t have watched American Horror Story until the early […]

Public Toilets (With My Dad)

A strange title I know. But something happened yesterday that has never happened before. I’m twenty years old. I’ve been transitioning since I was seventeen. But I’ve never been in […]

TransInspiration – Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera is an actress, model, performer and transgender activist. She first appeared on television in RuPaul’s drag race before she transitioned, and is now modelling with the Elite Model […]

FtM The Controversy Of Taping Your Chest

*Disclaimer – These are my personal views, I am not telling anyone how to bind their chest* We’ve all had the conversation. Don’t tape your chest it’ll break your ribs. […]

Reviewz @ The Shape Of Water

*This Post Contains Spoilers* Guillermo del Toro is well on his way to becoming a household name. We all have fond memories of his Hell Boy films, where he also […]