Love Is…

Was love
Listening to the silence
Between my parents?
My ear to the floor
As they threw
Violent whispers
Across the kitchen
Hurling their
Regrets at each other
Until their breath
Was gone

Was love
Being told to
Put a shirt back on?
To go to the gym
Having a picture painted
Of what I should be
Rather than
What I was
Cries of pain
Easily ignored

Was love
Being left to deal with
All life had for me
Told to learn respect
For people who never
Earned it to begin with
I had to
Man up
When times were hard

Just stop

Love is
Feeling someone
Their heart
And wanting it to beat
With your own

Love is
Arms grasped tight
Around their body
To hold their soul
In place

Love is
A craving
A hunger for them
To leave marks
On your body

Love is
Knowing all that
You are
Is looking right
Back at you

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