I used to think that
You stole my heart
Or did I give it willingly
I don’t seem to remember
It would beat hard
Thumping against my chest
As if it were trying to
Escape me
To find its way to you
At certain times I would
Tell anyone that my love
Could part oceans
That I could climb
Any mountain
Lead with my heart beating
Against my rib cage
My blood rushing to
Every part

It wasn’t until my heart
Stopped thumping
I paused
Suddenly a deafening
Not just a school boy
With his school boy heart
The ocean began to kiss
The shore again
The mountain solitary
No human figure to be seen
In this still
Perfect silence
If I allowed myself to listen
The heart that once thumped
Hard like a tribal drum
Was beating
So gently
But I knew in that moment
My heart
Was trying to find its rhythm


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