There’s a pull I get
At my centre
When you say my name
Uttered gently like it
rolls off your tongue
Without a second thought

And you’ll never know
How much that means
How when I tell you things
I don’t even tell myself
It means the world that
you keep looking at me

Because I let you see me
And you don’t turn away
You hold me there in that moment
Allowing yourself into my mind
And bringing me into yours
With one touch of your hand

And if I’m honest
You scare me to death
But only because you give me
a glimpse of how breathtaking
The world can be
In just one word from you

In you I’ve found a soul
akin to my own
Someone who watches
The sun set and exhales
Who hears the trees whisper
And breathes deep

You gave me a reason
To say the word beautiful
A hundred times a day
But not just to capture you

I’m dancing alone in the street
To see the beauty all around me


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