When people think of a soulmate they probably call their mind back to the first time they watched The Notebook, or maybe a young love that they had when they were at school. Generally when we think of someone as a soulmate we think that this gives them the privilege or right to access a physically intimate part of ourselves. But I don’t think that is always the case.

The soul is defined as ’emotional or intellectual energy or intensity’ in the dictionary, as well as having eternal and religious connotations. The soul is a part of the body or the spirit, that is not visible but arguably is there, it has feeling. And that soul can reach out to another without any kind of physical touch. And in a way this kind of touch is more than that. It transcends any kind of spatial or temporal boundaries. It doesn’t leave you wanting to touch someone’s actual person but wanting to delve into them emotionally, and allowing them to delve into you. There’s a certain vulnerability in this as you are baring your soul to this other person. It is nakedness at its most complex but yet at its most simple.

I do think that certain soulmates have the potential for a romantic encounter, as if that path has been outlined for them and so they whittle along it. However, I think that some soulmates, those who aren’t romantically entangled, have access to a certain part of the other person that maybe a lover would never have. I never considered a soulmate emerging in the form of a friend, but I believe I have come to learn that this is possible. The colliding together of two individuals who for some reason were meant to meet at this moment in time and were meant to connect in such a deep and layered way. And there is beauty and magic in that connection.



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