One Person Ready Meal

You load your items to buy
But you are selling
Selling yourself to me with
every breath you take
To mumble the words no one
else will listen to

I wonder if you sit at home
And think about what it would be like
if your grandson was still alive
Eighteen when he died
His shadow lingers on your shoulders
Death by carbon monoxide

Let’s go slow
To give those stiff hands a chance
Wishing you a Merry Christmas because
there is a feeling in my gut
No one has said it to you yet
That you go home alone

Do your hands linger when you pass
me those coins?
Because you haven’t felt a human touch
since last turkey dinner
When your wife was around
To force down brussel sprouts

You fill your empty house with
memories long since forgotten
And I know you sit at your table
Christmas day with the one person ready meal
I have just rung up for you
And so I look at you and I will myself to smile


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