I Guess We’re Saying Goodbye

That little balcony
So close that our knees touched
Shades of pink all around us
In the sky and in your blush
We sat there to fix the world
But it was our world
That was caving in
Our bubble wearing thin
Ready to pop

That city changed me
When I looked at you across pebbled streets
The pull that gravitated me towards you
Was gone
I tried to remember being young with you
Seventeen and skipping school
Hushed kisses in your parents house
I learned every curve of your body
I studies all the lines in your mind

That quiet girl
In the corner who never thought out loud
My friends said she was too proud
But I felt like I saw her
In one moment I saw her
And I wanted her to reach through my ribs
Take my heart
But she devoured it
Leaving nothing for me


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