Seeing Ghosts

Are ghosts real? I don’t know. But I’m sat up at 4:30am because I think they might exist. Granted I probably shouldn’t have watched American Horror Story until the early hours of the morning.

My dad is very superstitious. He believes that ghosts are real, and that maybe even that he’s seen them. A few months ago when I was staying over my dads (I sleep in the living room) and I was trying to get some sleep and I saw this little girl stood right in front of me. I blinked and her face distorted. I jumped out of my skin. Then she was gone. I know that I was most probably asleep and it was just a bad dream. But I felt awake. But… it could have been real. It’s the could of that kind of freaks me out a little.

I wonder why we’re obsessed with the idea of ghosts. Maybe it’s because we want to believe that there is something beyond ourselves. Maybe it’s just as much about us hoping that death isn’t the end for us as much as it is about hoping that there is some connection with deceased loved ones.

I’m sure we’ll only find out if there is something to find out. When we die it’s either going to be lights out or something. I wonder what that something would be. Especially as we are living in an increasingly secular society and so the idea of heaven and hell isn’t as steadfast as it used to be (for some people).

So if ghosts do exist, why do we believe that they might hurt us. The thought that there might be a ghost in the room makes most people afraid to sleep, their hair stand on end. If ghosts are our passed on relatives, why are we scared of them? Do ghosts mean to harm? Can they?




  1. I believe in ghosts. Some are spirits who cannot pass on because of unfinished business. Some are spirits of loved ones who we keep present through our memories. Some are guides. Some spirits have no good intentions. I do think they are there even when we don’t see them. They feed on our life energy/emotions to sustain the apparitions.

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    1. Sorry I have only just seen your comment. I find the idea of ghosts somewhat comforting yet at the same time disconcerting. I’m not quite sure what I believe but I’m sure one day we’ll all find out for sure.

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