Public Toilets (With My Dad)

A strange title I know. But something happened yesterday that has never happened before.

I’m twenty years old. I’ve been transitioning since I was seventeen. But I’ve never been in the male toilets with my dad (not since I was about seven years old). When I was young, my mum was ill so mostly my dad would have to take care of me, take me to the toilet on days out etc. So being in the men’s toilets in public with my dad wasn’t something new. However, going from being a little girl to a ‘full-grown’ man was a bit of a change.

My dad, his fiance and her kids had just been for a meal out and popped to Tesco Extra afterwards. On walking in naturally I walked towards the toilets as I needed to go, and so did my dad and step-brother. A year or so ago I wouldn’t have had the guts to go to the toilet with them, but I didn’t give it a second thought (I did need to go). For a split second I was worried I was going to get pee shy (I use an STP, and sometimes I’ll get nervous when I can hear other people) but I didn’t. It was about five minutes of my life but I think it was an experience that I really needed. I felt completely validated. It didn’t feel weird or awkward. It felt normal.


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