Bible Study

As I’ve already mentioned in other posts, I recently attended a series of talks given by the Christian union at my university. Since then my mind has been racing about Christian ideology, and whether or not we can apply that in the LGBT community. I think it’s important to remember that the Church and Christian’s do not always accurately represent Christianity – everyone has a different perspective. For that reason, I am going to read the Bible (from an Atheist perspective) I will post ‘Bible Study’ updates for each Chapter I read, Bible Study: Genesis will be my first post.

I will be discussing with every chapter what it discusses, whether I agree or disagree and most importantly, whether I believe it can be used by the LGBT community or if it contradicts our own beliefs/way of living. As a transgender person I find it difficult to find stability in religion due to examples I have been set by Christian’s who seem to practise hate more than love. Also, because of Christian teachings that include preaching that being homosexual is a sin. This I strongly disagree with.

Hopefully this series of posts will help others come to terms with Christianity if they too are struggling with its principles. I think a transgender response to religion is lacking, when I attempted some research I mostly found Christian’s spouting against transgender people and rejecting who we are. I’d like a more positive approach. I am hoping to come to the conclusion that nothing should prevent people from the LGBT community from believing in God and that it is just common interpretation that deters me. However, if there are principles in the Bible that I strongly disagree with, I will have to come to the conclusion that Christianity is just not possible for me as a transgender person (this will be a personal conclusion, not one that applies to everyone) I am heading into this with an open mind.



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