Can you be Transgender and be a Christian?

“This is a rebellion against God’s plan.” – Pastor Jeffress (TruNews)

This last week I have been attending a series of talks given by those of the Christian faith, on various topics; suffering, science etc. Today’s talk ‘Exclusive, intolerant and petty: Why would anyone believe in a Christian God,’ stirred up this question…

“How can my LGBT friend feel like Jesus loves them?”

I would consider myself an Atheist, bordering towards Agnosticism. And yet, as I sat there listening to the speaker’s answer I also felt excluded from this supposed gift of love from Jesus/God/Christianity. The speaker’s answer consisted of the following… he explained that due to his faith he waited until he was married (at the age of 27) to have sex. He further explained that everyone sets boundaries for themselves, although his answer was a bit unclear I gathered that he was suggesting that homosexuality, transgenderism etc. is a boundary that Christian’s believe shouldn’t be crossed. I had one major issues with this.

He was comparing his struggle of chastity with the struggle of gender identity/sexuality.

Personally, my struggle with my gender identity engulfed me – it took up all of my thinking time, impacted all of my experiences, affected my relationships. If resisting the urge to discover my true gender was as simple as resisting sexual urges then I wouldn’t be who I am today.

When considering whether or not I believe in God I hit a brick wall. The main reason being that I feel like I would have to choose between my true self or the Christian faith. I’ve listened to various Priest’s discuss the transgender debate. Most refer to God’s creation of man and woman – there being nothing in between and no way of altering how we were born. God’s intention for humans to procreate.

I want to ask one question – if God is all-knowing, all-powerful and had a clear intention for humanity, then why did he make people like me possible? How is it possible that science has found a way to treat people like me, not in the sense of a mental health issue, but instead fixing what went wrong at birth.

The major reason I feel that God could be possible is because of the soul. My sense of what is right and wrong, my desire to do good and reject immoral actions leaves a door open on whether there is a higher force. If that is the case, I am one hundred percent sure that my soul is male. If our bodies degrade and decompose while our soul goes to heaven, the soul that is our connection to God, which should I trust? The female body I was given at birth that will eventually fall to pieces or my male eternal soul?




  1. I am really glad that you chose to be your true self, even if there are some people telling you that god won’t love you that way. In my opinion, my faith and religion, god loves everyone. Just because you don’t feel like the gender you were born in doesn’t mean that you’re a “Mistake” in God’s creation, it means that he wanted you to be exactly who you are and the way you deal with all these problems shows me that he made a good choice. You seem to be a very brave person that follows their path even if it is hard sometimes. I think that is something to be very proud of, no matter how many priests and prophets tell you otherwise!

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  2. The thing is – does scripture ever say that gender is limited to two opposites? As far as I know, non-binary categories (think intersex) have been around for ages. The only ones who are saying that this is a “deviation”, are groups of people possibly interpreting text for their own gain. So to the answer – how can an LGBT person feel like Jesus loves them – it´s a matter of faith.

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    1. I can’t pinpoint a part of the Bible that says so either. I find it’s more Christians that I know that make me feel uneasy about the idea of being religious – like I wouldn’t be accepted. So it was more when I was talking to people that I felt like I didn’t belong, not so much when I read scripture. At the end of the day, religion is a personal experience and if I wanted to believe I would, I think I’d just feel uneasy in a religious community/society, like I was hiding a dark secret

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      1. I can understand that feeling. Some communities still adhere to old traditions (including binary norms and heterosexuality). But there are communities too were everyone is welcome. It´s quite a good experience. You might find something like that đŸ™‚

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  3. I think we were created transgender intentionally. It gives a special perspective that our world needs! I was raised Christian, have taken a spiritual detour, but keep my faith. Some who I know who are Christian have been my biggest support transitioning. Which, based off the true principles of love in the religion, shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did.

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    1. I think that there is definitely an issue of one Christian/a group of Christian’s giving someone an opinion of Christianity in general. Despite being also raised Christian, the example I was set by my grandparents (who I haven’t seen in a decade) was a negative one and from that point forward I subconsciously expect to have negative experiences from Christian’s. However, after making a few Christian friends my opinion has changed to more of a positive one. Although, in the back of my mind I’m still afraid/apprehensive to tell them that I was born female. It shows that the example someone sets can go a long way, so it’s really good that you’ve got some really supportive Christian friends, as positive examples are even more crucial than negative ones

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