Dear Mr President

You’ve done it again, tweeted your worst and caused uncertainty and fear in thousands of individuals across America. Did you stop to think before you pressed the enter button on your phone? Did you think of the soldiers that had been shot at, in your name Mr President? I would take a gamble and say that every single transgender soldier would still take a bullet for you, for America, because they have honour and integrity, something you might take a lesson in.

I’m not an American, or a soldier; you might label me transgender – but if there is one thing I am, if there is one thing that all of those soldiers are; is human, and they should be treated as such, not as second class citizens.


There have been various arguments against your reasoning’s for this decision, comparison to prices of prescription Viagra etc. There is just one point that I have to make. These men and women who you would see out of the military, thrown from their livelihood, deserve more than this. If their presence in the military costs ‘tax payers dollars’ then those taxes should continue to be paid – these people are dedicating their lives to the protection of their country, a job that doesn’t come with a comfortable pay check like yours.

For once in your presidential residency you might take in upon yourself to be a human being.


  1. This is just a distraction tactic to take the focus away from all the other shit he’s done and, of course, the transgender population is an easy target. He really doesn’t have the power to make this decision on his own and he never consulted a general before tweeting any of this crap. He’s a disgusting coward bully and the people who support him are just too fucking stupid to know better and that’s what is the most upsetting about his getting “elected” in my opinion. So many people believed he really cared about them and would do great things. He only cares about himself and covering his own ass and doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

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