Results Anticipation

In 49 minutes my life will change, or it will stay completely the same. A life changing moment that doesn’t happen too often in a lifetime, this is a big one. Two years of hard work, of tears and inked hands, to get to this moment. At 8am I will receive an email either informing me of my success of being accepted into university, allowing me the fresh start I have only dreamed about, provided by moving 122 miles away.

I sit here in anticipation, tapping quietly at the letters on this keyboard, trying not to wake Tamara because I don’t want her to be overcome with nervous jitters like I am, not yet anyway. For some people this day will be proof of all the hard work they have dedicated themselves to over the past two years, eighteen years – a whole lifetime of learning and developing all comes down to this moment. Others will walk away empty handed, wondering why they didn’t try just that bit harder, then it might be a different story for them. I hope that I am not one of those people, I need this, I have all year.

Although when I receive the email, I will be relieved to know whether I have achieved my place at The University of Southampton, and if I am certain of my future, walking to my school at 9am to discover my grades will be easier. However, there is still that pressure, people have whispered about what grades they think you’ll get, family laugh when you say you might have not done as well as you had hoped, in this moment you might do everyone proud, including yourself, or you might as well have stayed in bed for the last 730 days.

This is a game changer, I just hope I played right.



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