I’m excited because I get to write about some life experience, which I haven’t featured a lot on my blog due to it focusing on my transition. Due to having A-Levels to focus on, along with my transition involving doctors appointments and solicitor fees, I avoided getting a job while studying at school. But now school is over and I have a 14 week summer ahead of me, so I applied for a bunch of jobs and now I’m getting some great feedback!

Don’t get me wrong, in this whirl of excitement I’m extremely nervous. For example, I have to provide my birth certificate at the interviews as I haven’t sorted a new passport yet, meaning my (hopefully) future employer will know I’m transgender. I would have preferred to avoid this, due to the my own personal preference for only close friends and family to know my past, and for the majority to see only Nathan. 

But I’m desperately in need for something to do, I felt lazy not having a job, and now I can finally earn some extra money and make use of my week. Also, I want to meet new people, who only know me as Nathanbecause it is refreshing to have a clean slate, especially due to old friends sometimes using the wrong pronouns which can cause a dysphoric state.

So I’m crossing my fingers, I have two interviews, with a retailer and a supermarket, and I would actually like to be able to work both jobs to keep myself busy. I like to be busy and sometimes stress makes me feel like I have a purpose, this is only my second week of the summer and I can feel myself beginning to get bored at times, and boredom can sometimes lead to me over analyzing myself, which I try to avoid.

Lately, everything seems to be going so well, I just hope I can keep it up 🙂



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