TransInspiration – Ty Turner



I have never spoke to Ty Turner, I will never probably talk to him, or see him in person. All I know is, this guy was a lifesaver when I began my transition. Before I came across his channel I had heard the word transgender once, leading me to extensive research figuring out what it was and if I was in fact, a transgender man. His brave YouTube expression of his own transition taught me things about testosterone, surgery, weight lifting and most importantly the hard times. He outlined how long this process would take and ensured that his viewers understood it wasn’t just as easy as a 5 minute video of a 2 year time line.

The best thing about Ty Turner is that he’s just a regular guy, a goofball, funny and charming, someone who I aspire to be like. This is why I’ve chosen him for my next (late) Transaturday. Following him on other forms of social media such as Twitter has also led me to realise that he is authentic, he has bad days too, which is comforting when I have my own and inspiring when he picks himself up and works even harder. It is clear he is a dedicated, strong person due to his fitness journey which has given him the authentic masculine look that I crave.

Of course, muscles isn’t everything, and when Ty Turner first started he was slighter than me, giving hope that anyone can achieve anything if they try hard enough. For any FTM’s like myself, his website gives great advice on binders and packers, sometimes with give-a-ways for people who can’t always afford a £50 binder or a £150 multi functioning prosthetic. Or for all transgender people, he offers great advice for coping with dysphoria that can be applied generically whether you are a transman or a transwoman. More importantly he is a laugh on a dull day that could make a big difference.




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