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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often overlooked, by many people. Some couples don’t really do anything on the day and single people usually avoid thinking about it. I think that’s because everyone’s so focused on it being about having a relationship, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They don’t really think about what it means or what it is. People think of flowers, chocolate, love or dinner. I’d like to think that it’s about bravery, for the following reason.

Saint Valentine of Rome was a martyr, he died for love and for religion and although that features relationships I think it says more about being strong. He contested against Claudius II and married Christian couples, helping other followers of Christ escape the Roman ruler’s clutches. I’m not much of a believer, but believing in something like that, to the point where you would die for it, is commendable.

So today when I think about my girlfriend, of course I think about how much I love her but today I just kept thinking of how strong she is and how strong we are together. The Valen in Valentine’s day refers to Valens, meaning powerful, worthy and strong. If someone was to ask me what love is, those words would be the first to reach the tip of my tongue. I’ve never experienced the feelings I get throughout my entire body when I’m with her, we’ve nearly been together for a year now but nothing has changed really. We’ve both changed, me especially I guess, but I’m still as excited to see her now as I was on day 1. I spent months wanting her to be with me, thinking that she couldn’t. Now everything seems so perfect and I couldn’t be happier, because we’re strong together and I think we always will be.

I really don’t know how she puts up with me sometimes, this transition has been hard on both of us, I know that. I would have done so much more for her today if I could have, I really would have, she deserves everything. I can’t wait for every Valentine’s Day to come.


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