Wow There’s Soap

Yep. If you haven’t guessed already, this blog post is all about my experience with the boys toilets.

I thought it would be awful if I’m honest with you, only because I’m a bit of a clean freak and I literally imagined faeces smeered on walls (okay a bit of an exaggeration). Now I’ve used them I have a totally different approach.

They are better than girls toilets.


Lucky born males have the luxury of not needing toilet paper (most of the time), meaning there is always toilet roll awaiting within the cubicle.

Stereotypically boys tend to skip the whole hygiene process, meaning that there is probably enough soap in the boys toilets for me to have a bath with – not that I would want to perfume myself in an industrial smelling fragrance.

I suppose it looks a bit weird to the row of men stood at urinals when I walk into a cubicle, maybe they think the worst or maybe they don’t even notice. I’m going to go with the latter out of personal preference.

A tip to all of you fellow cubicle pee-ers, make sure you leave the toilet seat up, then no one will ever suspect you 😉



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