Step 1 – Diagnosis

29/01/2016 – the first real step towards changing my physical body to match how I feel on the inside with the outside.

Although usually my blog posts are emotive and personal, I wanted to make a part of this blog dedicated to the medical side to transitioning on the NHS in Wales. Then maybe I could lay out the steps easily for people, who like myself, are confused by the medical mumbo jumbo that can be found online.

I want to outline what I’m striving for first off.

(a) To change my name legally.

(b) Work out to extreme measures.

(c) To purchase all the necessaries in order to express my masculinity.

(d) Receive my appointment to the GIC (Gender Identity Clinic).

(e) Given the go ahead to start my hormone treatment.

(e) Eventually have top surgery.

When I list everything in a functional manner it all seems so easy, but I’ve come to the realisation that on the NHS, especially in Wales it is nothing of the sort.

Firstly in comparison to England, Welsh people in their transition have to first be referred to the adult mental health sector of a hospital local to them. Which is what I’ll be covering in this blog post.

I probably spent more time waiting for the doctor to come out of a meeting than I spent in her office. To me, that’s a plus, it means that there is less time wasted mulling over ticking boxes. She asked me lots of questions about my family history, my medical past and my personal life. It only took 20 minutes max, probably not even that. I told her of my prospective name change and all the working out I had been doing, hopeful that it might move the process along. All she did was ask me a bunch of questions and diagnosed with with gender dysphoria – which I needed.

So the first step was simple enough, I have to phone Dr Jamil’s secretary at the end of the month in order to ensure I am furthered along in the process. Then I will be further referred to the Gender Identity Clinic, which I assume is in London which she mentioned.

The only way is up.



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